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Fast T-Jet!

Introducing the Fast T-Jet 3! The Fast T-Jet 3 is an amazing Inkjet-to-Garment printer that allows you to create eye-popping prints on an endless number of garments, textiles and even non-textile items!


• Deep print bed for bulky or non-textile items. Easily adjustable bed.
• Prints detail far greater than any screen printing process
• Print images on a white shirt in under 1 minute & Dark shirts under 3 minutes
• Print from ANY graphics application!
• Print on 100% cotton and 50/50 or better textile items.
• Print on non-textile items such as golf balls and ceramic tiles!
• Print on any color garment!
• Easy to fill bulk ink system.
• Simple to use! Load your item and print with the press of a button!
• Built in print pass counter.
• Laser sensor will warn you if item will hit print head.

The Fast T-Jet 3 is the newest Inkjet-to-Garment printer from U.S. Screen. With the Fast T-Jet 3 (SDT-1300) you can produce a full size, 12" x 12" image in under one minute on a light shirt or under three minutes on a black shirt with white ink. Small chest prints take mear seconds! Print T-Shirts at amazing speeds!

The Fast T-Jet 3 has a deep bed for printing on thick items like sweatshirts and hoodies. The maximum print size for this unit is 12 " x 17 " (30.5 x 43.2 cm). With the Fast T-Jet 3, you can print on almost anything! With the optional baseball cap holder, you can print on hats. You can also print on towels, panties, shorts, mouse pads, bibs, bandanas and more. You are not limited to just textiles either. You can also print on items such as golf balls, ceramic tiles, wood, metal, and more! The printer has a laser sensor to detect if a garment that is in the way of the print head. This helps prevent damage to your T-Jet.

The T-Jet 3 is small enough to fit on a table-top, with a measurement of 30" W x 36" L and 17.5" H (76.2 x 91.4 x 44.5cm). It uses four color inkjet technology (CMYK) plus white ink and comes complete with a continuous flow bulk ink system, four 8 oz. starter bottles of FastINK TEXTILE colors, 16 oz. of FastINK White and a gallon of special pretreatment for dark shirts. There are also optional 6 and 8 color Ink Systems available for printing amazing images if you wish to print on light shirts only.

Every Fast T-Jet 3 comes with a powerful windows based graphical application called FastARTIST. FastARTIST can be used for all your graphic editing needs, however you have the option of creating images in ANY graphical application.

The Fast T-Jet 3 Inkjet-to-Garment printer also comes with FastRIP. FastRIP is software that has special ICC color profiles for color matching along with Postscript that tells the printer how much ink to print and how to print white ink.

The Fast T-Jet 3 is great for small and large jobs. With an average ink cost of less than 40 cents per shirt (standard print size) and speeds of one to three minutes per normal print, you can get great production rates with a great bottom line! (See below for additional print costs!) You even have the ability to synchronize two units together to print at the same time with an optional software upgrade. The Fast T-Jet 3 has a production speed of 30 to 70 shirts per hour.

The Fast T-Jet is Made in America! (except for the Epson print engine). The Fast T-Jet 3 Inkjet-to-Garment printer includes a very robust bulk ink system and exhaust fans to remove excess ink mist and lint from the print area. Used with FastINK Textile Ink, this printer will create a very durable print that will stand up to many washings. (The finished print must be heat set using either a standard heat transfer press or conveyor dryer and dark shirts with white ink need a simple pretreatment spray application before printing.)

Small items are can be accommodated by using a youth or infant shirt holder or other optional holders available. T-Shirts are held in place by simply laying them on the specially designed Shirt board that comes with the machine.

The beauty of the Fast T-Jet 3 is that you can print almost instantly, regardless of the production size. Printing 1 shirt is as easy as printing 100. Unlike screen printing, there is little set-up time required when printing to a T-Jet printer. After the job, there are no screens to clean, and no harsh chemicals to use.

Want to see a Fast T-Jet in action? Would you like to receive print samples from this amazing machine? Please feel free to contact us! We can arrange a demo of this amazing product (availability based on location) and send out print samples of both light and dark garments so you can see the quality for yourself! Click the images to the right to see larger images!

ISG / NSC is one of the Largest distributors of Fast T-Jet printers in the US! We are so sure you will like this product that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! (ask for details!)

So call ISG / National UV Supply today!

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The Fast T-Jet 3 comes with the following items:

1 - Users Manual
1 - FastARTIST Software
A complete graphics design application for a Windows OS that is essential for printing an Underbase and/or White Highlights. Works with both vector and bitmap images from programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator; and CorelDRAW.
1 - FastRIP Software
Our special Raster Image Processing software for a Windows OS that tells the printer how much White to print, how to print the colors and much more.
1 - 1 gallon of FastINK Textile Pre-Treatment.
Garments need to be pre-treated with this clear, non-toxic, odorless spray before printing.
1 - Continuous Flow Bulk Ink System.
1 - T-Jet Power Sprayer for applying the Pre-Treatment
1 - 16oz Bottle of FastINK Textile White
1 - 8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Cyan.
1 - 8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Magenta.
1 - 8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Yellow.
1 - 8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Black.
1 - Standard 13" x 18" Shirt Holder
1 - Maintenance kit for minor printing issues and cleaning


So just how much does it cost to print with the Fast T-Jet? Below is an example for a light and dark tee print. The only additional cost you would have is the cost of the item being printed on.

Sample Image: 12" x 12"
Sample Resolution: CMKY 720x720 High Speed

On a White Tee:
Total Print Time: 60 Seconds ( 60 shirts per hour )
Underbase Required: NO
Ink Used: .80 ml
Ink Cost: $0.24

On a Black Tee:
Total Print Time: 148 Seconds ( 24 shirts per hour )
Underbase Required: YES (Underbase 1440x720dpi)
Pre-Treat Cost: $0.11
Ink Used: 2.15 ml
Ink Cost: $0.75

As you can see, a 12" by 12" print on a Black T-Shirt would cost an average of only $0.86! If you estimate the average wholesale cost for a 100% cotton Black tee at about $1.50 each, your total garment cost is only $2.36 per item! That's real profit potential!


Printer Specifications:

Method of Printing: Inkjet Technology
Maximum Printing Resolution: 2880x1440dpi (720x720dpi most commonly used)
Maximum Printable Length: 17" (43cm)
Maximum Printable Width: 12" (30.5cm)
Printer Interface & Computer Connection Ports: IEEE 1394, USB, Parallel
Power Requirements: 100 - 240v AC 60/cycle 4 amps.
External Dimensions: L: 30", W: 36", H" 17.5"
   Due to bed travel, a total of 60" end-to-end clearance is required.
Weight: 100lbs (46kg)
Recommended Operational Environment: Best operated in clean, dust-free
   room with temp between 68-85f (20-29c) and 40-80% humidity.

CE Approved. Made in the USA (Epson print engine made in Japan). Info subject to change without notice.

Warranty / Support Information:
The Fast T-Jet 3 includes a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. The warranty is NOT on-site* and requires that the unit be returned to an ISG (we are an Authorized Service Center) or directly to U.S. Screen, for repair. This limited warranty does not include the print head. Replacement print heads cost $395 and can be purchased from NSC/ISG or U.S. Screen. All prices and design specifications are subject to change.

The Fast T-Jet 3 also comes with LIFETIME phone and Email Technical Support offered directly through U.S. Screen. Technical Support hours are 7 am to 8 pm Monday - Friday and 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. All hours are MST.

The Fast T-Jet 3 must be shipped by a freight company unless you are within our on-site delivery area. If you are in need of warranty service, we can assist you with selecting a freight company. Assistance can also be given directly from U.S. Screen. If the printer is shipped by a non-freight company or is not on a pallet, both NSC/ISG and U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology reserves the right to refuse the shipment. Examples of a non-freight company include: Federal Express, UPS, U.S. Mail and Airborne Express. These requirements are necessary to eliminate the potential for damage during shipping.

On-Site Installation and Repair :
* We here at ISG / National Supply Company do offer on-site delivery, installation and repair services for Fast T-Jet printers. Our covered on-site area includes all of Florida, along with southern Georgia. Please contact us to see whether you are in our service area! Additional service fees may apply for on-site service.



Price: $13,995
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Shipping: 2 - 5 Days
On-Site Install: Available*

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Fast T-Jet 3

Fast T-Jet 3 Controls

T-Jet3 Printing Hats

Print on Black Tees!

Print white tees too!


T-Jet Blazer Express

Fast T-Jet Blazer:
Printing at 40 to 90 Shirts / hour, the Blazer is perfect for shops with greater production needs. For more information on the Fast T-Jet Blazer, [ Click Here ]

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Fast T-Jet Blazer Pro:
Printing at 40 to 90 Shirts / hour, the Blazer is perfect for shops with greater production needs. For more information on the Fast T-Jet Blazer, [ Click Here ]